HERE® exists to ease human suffering with digital treatment technologies that help humanity triumph over trauma. People all over the world have experienced some form of hardship resulting in increasing spiritual, mental, emotional and physical trauma. The HERE GLOBAL RELIEF FOUNDATION creates free mental health tools for communities and staff on the front lines of trauma including victims of violence, at-risk youth, refugees and other mental advocacy groups.

We have joined forces with a consortium of partners to raise USD $50,000 for a networked frontline effort in civil war-ravaged South Sudan. The effort is two pronged:

1. COMMMUNITY HEALING MISSION. We will deploy holistic trauma-informed interventions to heal wounded hearts, mind and souls, and show measurable impacts in the communities across wellbeing, resilience and economic indicators across generations.

2. TRIAGE SUPPORT. With war raging in Sudan many are afflicted by acute PTSD, without the resources to support themselves. Our consortium will equip communities with the training and resources needed to better handle the ongoing mental health crisis.

The consortium consists of the following partners:

The consortium program offerings include:
In 2022 we expanded on our Homa Bay pilot program to follow-on fund a wellness clinic program. The new funding provides 3 months of free counseling to 100 young Kenyan women to help them recover from traumatic life experiences, primarily gender-based violence (GBV), through private and group counseling support.

The budget provided for:

Watch the story for more details:

The Covid-19 pandemic shone a spotlight on the need for first responders and health care professionals to have good mental health hygiene and take short self-care breaks to reset. The HERE mobile app provided quick relief from stress in just a few minutes, and helped alleviate traumatic responses. Our free app helped frtonline practioners who served us to reset, rebalance and relax; during shifts, on breaks, between meetings, whenever they needed respite.

In December 2019, HERE was present at Vatican City to join a collective of social enterprises willing to tackle the refugee crisis. HERE made a commitment to create a program that could scale to support the mental health of 1 million refugees, in partnership with leading corporations and faith based organizations on the frontlines of the refugee response.

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