A New Way To Meditate Is Here.
Welcome to the world of interactive meditation. HERE combines meditation practice with interactive exercises to quickly restore peace and wellbeing.
HERE & UNIFY.org broadcast over World Peace Weekend and hosted a global digital synchronized meditation encouraging thousands to “hear their call” from within and share peace with the world.

We were proud to bring together a line up of international speakers who shared inspirational stories of how they found their calling in the world.

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Here's what we believe.
Science and technology can enable greater personal and societal harmony. Our neuro-scientifically proven approach promotes emotional wellbeing by helping you access your vast inner resources to process trauma and achieve restorative balance.
Here's how we do it.
Guided meditation has been combined with staring, breathing and active finger exercises to stimulate both sides of your brain. These simultaneous interactions provide focus for a wandering mind.

HERE is a powerful new form of practice whether you're just starting out, a seasoned practitioner or struggling to sit quietly for long periods.
Here's how it works.
It's your session, you choose the elements.

Pick a Themed Focus
Choose Guided or Instrumental Music
Select an Interactive Exercise

The best part? You can stop doing the interactive exercises at any time, and continue meditating. There are many ways to be HERE, discover what works best for you.
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